Saturday, February 12, 2011

Polymer Clay work station

So here we are with my second post in 2011, I thought I would share my work station I use for my polymer clay work.

Our home is an apartment, so unlike other lucky polymer clay artists I'm unable to have a dedicated crafting room... so my craft is practiced in the sitting room!! Sometimes it can be hard to seperate life, or should I say television from distracting me so a lot of my work ends up being done late into the evening after the last soap opera has finished!!!

So my work station is essentially our dining table, I have to say we never really used it before I started to work with polymer clay so I don't feel all that bad that I have taken over the table!!

I always cover my table with parchment paper to stop any clay damaging the wood.  If you have ever seen what raw polymer clay can do to plastics or polished surfaces you would be quite vigilant about protecting your surface!

My actual work surface is two glass placemats, which I place ontop of my parchment paper.  For baking my pieces I use a white wall tile.

For storing my tools my husband made me the two tool holders from scrap wood (I'll show you some more of my tools that my husband made me in another post, he's quite a handy man to have around!) I use old biscuit box's for storing my clay, again I line my box's with parchment paper and use ziplock bags to store opened clay.

The most important tool I have on my workstation is my pasta machine..... I love the one I have, this is my third pasta machine, unfortunately the branded machines that are designed for polymer clay aren't really widely available in Ireland, I have had two other machines that were not ideal for my needs, my latest machine is much more suitable for the heavy use that I put it through. 

Speaking of my pasta machine, I recently came across a tutorial from the lovely Iris Mishly the CEO of polypediaonline  who makes the most fabulous polymer clay jewellery, she suggested to use a chocolate box lid under your pasta machine to avoid messing up your work station.  I used a biscuit tin lid to collect the clay that crumbles from my pasta machine, you can find the tutorial here

My other trusty essentials on my work station are my baby wipes and gloves, although these can be very drying on the hands so I always have a good hand moisturiser around to keep my fingers "fairy soft!"

Well I hope you have liked my little tour around my workstation, I promise to show some of my more unusual tools in my tool box soon!

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