Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday cake topper

I've done quite a few birthday cake toppers of late, the most intricate one I have done recently is one I created for a Bank Manager, who turned 30 recently.

The brief for this cake topper was 1. she really loves her dog, a little basset hound, 2. she really loves bling! 3. she has always wanted one of those dressing table's with the lights around it, 4. she also loves shopping makeup and handbags! Her friends were buying this as a present for her birthday so they also wanted an award for the best branch manager to be pride of place on her dressing table.

Not a lot of work there then? Well I set to work on the dressing table, making the body and mirror first to see how heavy they would be before I decided on how thick to make my legs... the cake topper grew from there.

It took me about 14 hours from start to finish, spread over about 3 weeks to complete, I like to leave my toppers to really cool before working on them again so I usually go and work on something else while I'm waiting on things cooling.. or more than usually I have a little browse (3 hours or so) on facebook, why is facebook so enthralling?  I used liquid clay and coloured it with red oil paints to look like spilled nail polish on the dressing table, tiny little perfume bottles and of course some MAC makeup to complete the look.
The floor is strewn with tiny handbags and shoes, I even used flourescent clay for the lights so they will glow in a dim light...

Anyway I will post a few pics of the 30th birthday topper

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